How Marc Benioff of Became The Most Valuable CEO Of All. Thus in 2007, astonished the world of software development by successfully completing a transformation from traditional management to the radically different practices of management known as SCRUM Agile in just three months.

PMP® stands for Project Management Professional. The Project Management Professional certification is a globally reputed and recognized certification in the field of Project Management, and it is provided to project management professionals, who clear the PMP certification examination. The PMP certification is issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which is the world's leading association of Project Management Professionals.

Professional certification or qualification is a distinction a worker can earn that credentials them with a high level of skill or expertise in some area. Certifications can serve as an indicator of professionalism and aptitude. Certifications are often regulated by a professional organization.

The term ‘six sigma’ comes from statistics and is used in statistical quality control (SQC) which evaluates process capability i.e. the numerical measure of the ability of a process to meet the customer specifications. It was originated from terminology associated with manufacturing which refers the ability of manufacturing process to produce a very high proportion of output within specifications. The sigma rating of a process indicates its yield or percentage of defect-free outputs it produces. A six sigma process is the one which produces 99.99966% statistically defect-free outputs which is equivalent to 3.4 defects per million opportunities (DPMO).

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